What is Certified Pre-Owned? A Certified Pre-Owned car is one which has been put through a rigorous series of checks and tests in accordance with a set of criteria outlined by the manufacturer. If the vehicle fails on any part of the criteria, it is repaired so that it meets the required standards. These repairs are carried out with genuine MG parts, ensuring the ongoing quality, performance and safety of the car. In essence, when buying a Certified Pre-Owned model, you’re investing in a vehicle that’s as good as new, and comes covered by a comprehensive warranty.
Why choose Certified Pre-Owned? Choosing a Certified Pre-Owned model from our extensive stock offers you even greater peace of mind. With only the very best and most reliable vehicles achieving this status, you can drive away in the knowledge that your MG won’t let you down.
Certified Pre-Owned Value Added Services When you opt for a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from MG Motor, you’ll receive the following benefits:
150-point inspection
Each Certified Pre-Owned car is thoroughly inspected by a team of MG-trained technicians to ensure it meets our exacting standards.
The MG standard warranty covers you for six years/200,000km. Many of our Certified Pre-Owned models are therefore still covered by the remainder of this warranty, giving you complete peace of mind when you drive away.
Vehicle history report
Not only does each vehicle undergo a series of mechanical tests, we also look into its history. A full HPI check ensures there’s no outstanding finance against our Certified Pre-Owned cars, and that no legal issues have arisen in the past.
Trade-in accepted
If you’d like to part-exchange your existing vehicle for one of our models, we’re more than happy to take it off your hands. We’ll provide an honest valuation and a hassle-free process, meaning you can drive away sooner in your new MG.
What are the Benefits of CPO Not only do our Certified Pre-Owned cars come in an as-new condition, they also offer exceptional value. Choose from a range of vehicles of different trim levels, colours and more – all available at a great price. In addition, you won’t have to worry about depreciation as you will with a brand new model, as it’s factored into the sale price.

What’s included in the inspection?
The inspection of our vehicles covers a wide range of components and systems. Only once our technicians have verified that the car meets the required standards for every point on the checklist do they approve it for sale.
Road test
The car is taken for a test drive to ensure it accelerates, brakes and cruises as required.

Vehicle exterior
Signs of damage such as paintwork scratches and wiper malfunctioning are identified and remedied.
Vehicle interior
Passive safety features, upholstery and electrical systems such as the stereo and air conditioning system are all checked.

Underhood and underbody
The technical components of the car are carefully checked to ensure it’s roadworthy and that all parts are in good condition.